Class Summary
AkdEquation Definition of a type of rate constant equation which takes parameters A, k, d and maps to either exponential, sigmoidal or linoidal.
Block Specification for the influence of a blocking species on the conductance of a BlockingSynapse.
BlockingSynapse A synaptic mechanism whose conductance can be blocked by the presence of a specific species (ion/molecule).
ChannelML Root element containing the ions used in the channel mechanism, the unit system of the file (as attribute), and information on channels and/or ion concentration dynamics
ChannelType Definition of a voltage/concentration dependent cell membrane conductance
ConcDependence Specification of what a gate is dependent on the concentration of
CurrentVoltageRelation How the current through the channel depends on the conductance of the channel.
DecayingPoolModel Element for parameters in a decaying pool model of ion concentration (e.g.
DoubleExponentialSynapse A basic synaptic mechanism with a double exponential conductance time course.
Gate Definition of a single voltage/concentration dependent gate
Gate.State Java class for anonymous complex type.
GenericEquation Definition of a type of rate constant equation
HHGate Gate with Hodgkin Huxley like state transitions
ImplementationPrefs These items ideally shouldn't be in a specification which deals with a description of the physiology of the channel.
ImplementationPrefs.TableSettings Java class for anonymous complex type.
Ion Definition of an ion which is involved in this channel mechanism
IonConcentration Concentration of a particular ion species, the concentration of which affects some channels
KSGate Gate with kinetic scheme transitions
KSState Single kinetic scheme state.
ObjectFactory This object contains factory methods for each Java content interface and Java element interface generated in the package.
Ohmic Signifies an ohmic relation; the current is proportional to the potential difference across the channel
Ohmic.Conductance Java class for anonymous complex type.
Parameter Generic parameter used in rate equations
PoolVolumeInfo Information on the volume of the ion pool
RateAdjustments Adjustments necessary to all the rate equations, e.g temperature dependencies, voltage offsets introduced when moving between species, etc.
RateAdjustments.Offset Java class for anonymous complex type.
RateAdjustments.Q10Settings Java class for anonymous complex type.
RateConstantEqn Definition of a rate constant equation.
RateConstantEqnChoice Choice of the various rate constant expressions allowed
RateConstVoltConcDep Rate constant expressions allowed for voltage and conc dependent channels.
SynapseType Definition of a synaptic process
Transition What causes the gate to open and close.
VoltageConcGate Definition of a mechanics of a gate which depends on voltage and concentration (e.g.
VoltageGate Definition of a voltage gate.

Enum Summary
CoreEquationType Java class for CoreEquationType.
IonRole Java class for IonRole.
Units Java class for Units.

NeuroML API (v1.4)