Class RateConstVoltConcDep

  extended by

public class RateConstVoltConcDep
extends java.lang.Object

Rate constant expressions allowed for voltage and conc dependent channels. Note, at this stage no Akd like expression for a generic voltage/conc dep experssion. Time will tell if there's an expression common enough accross different models to be expressed in such a way

Java class for RateConstVoltConcDep complex type.

The following schema fragment specifies the expected content contained within this class.

 <complexType name="RateConstVoltConcDep">
     <restriction base="{}anyType">
         <element name="generic_equation_hh" type="{}GenericEquation"/>

Field Summary
protected  GenericEquation genericEquationHh
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 GenericEquation getGenericEquationHh()
          Gets the value of the genericEquationHh property.
 void setGenericEquationHh(GenericEquation value)
          Sets the value of the genericEquationHh property.
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Field Detail


protected GenericEquation genericEquationHh
Constructor Detail


public RateConstVoltConcDep()
Method Detail


public GenericEquation getGenericEquationHh()
Gets the value of the genericEquationHh property.

possible object is GenericEquation


public void setGenericEquationHh(GenericEquation value)
Sets the value of the genericEquationHh property.

value - allowed object is GenericEquation

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