Class BlockingSynapse

  extended by
      extended by

public class BlockingSynapse
extends DoubleExponentialSynapse

A synaptic mechanism whose conductance can be blocked by the presence of a specific species (ion/molecule). Based on the mechanism for blocking of an NMDA receptor by Mg as outlined in Gabbiani et al, 1994, Maex DeSchutter 1998

Java class for BlockingSynapse complex type.

The following schema fragment specifies the expected content contained within this class.

 <complexType name="BlockingSynapse">
     <extension base="{}DoubleExponentialSynapse">
         <element name="block" type="{}Block"/>

Field Summary
protected  Block block
Fields inherited from class
annotation, decayTime, group, maxConductance, notes, properties, reversalPotential, riseTime
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Block getBlock()
          Gets the value of the block property.
 void setBlock(Block value)
          Sets the value of the block property.
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getAnnotation, getDecayTime, getGroup, getMaxConductance, getNotes, getProperties, getReversalPotential, getRiseTime, setAnnotation, setDecayTime, setMaxConductance, setNotes, setProperties, setReversalPotential, setRiseTime
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Field Detail


protected Block block
Constructor Detail


public BlockingSynapse()
Method Detail


public Block getBlock()
Gets the value of the block property.

possible object is Block


public void setBlock(Block value)
Sets the value of the block property.

value - allowed object is Block

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