Class Summary
CellInstance An instance of a cell at a the specified location
Connection A network connection
Connections The list of cell connections
ConnectivityPattern Information on the number of target cells connected to source cells, etc.
ConnectivityPattern.AllToAll Java class for anonymous complex type.
ConnectivityPattern.FixedProbability Java class for anonymous complex type.
GridArrangement A regular placement of the cells in 1 to 3 dimensions
GridArrangement.Spacing Java class for anonymous complex type.
Instances Cell Instance position information
NetworkML The main elements which make up a NetworkML compliant document.
ObjectFactory This object contains factory methods for each Java content interface and Java element interface generated in the package.
PerCellConnection Connection built iteratively from each pre (or post) cell based on a number of parameters
Population Description of ...
PopulationLocation Description of the 3D positioning of cells in the population, in place of giving explicit locations for each cell
Populations The list of cell populations
PotentialSynapticLocation Subset of sections on cell where synaptic connection of a particular type is allowed
Projection Description of how one cell population makes synaptic connections with another
Projections The list of projections from one cell population to another
RandomArrangement A random arrangement of cells in a 3D location.
SynapseInternalProperties Variables specifying a single synapse or default vlaues for a set of connections
SynapseProperties Information on the synapse which is used in a connection
SynapticLocation Java class for SynapticLocation complex type.

Enum Summary
SynapseDirection Java class for SynapseDirection.

NeuroML API (v1.4)